Is Timing Toxic?

“The people we meet at the wrong time are actually just the wrong people”

The Truth About Meeting Someone At The Wrong Time

This was an articleI read/ came across a few years ago. I was stuck in a situation where I comprised myself for someone else. That persons emotions became my emotions. I forgot about myself and who I was. That person became my priority.

I made a choice to compromise because at the time it felt right.  I thought he was the right guy but the timing wasn’t right. I used timing to justify myself staying in a relationship that everyone around me knew was toxic.

Recently at the beginning of this year, I came across a similar situation where I found myself starting to compromise my own feelings just to make things work with a guy who I thought was really great.  We had very similar interests and I felt connected to him. However, our timing wasn’t right. I was ready for someone new in my life but he was not.  He thought he was but realized he was not. So when the red flags came about, I asked myself  “Is this the right guy but at the wrong time?  How can timing be such a factor again?”

As things went on, I could see myself being consumed into a toxic situation. What was perceived to be a positive relationship began to turn toxic. Knowing what I have been through before and what I currently want now… I almost felt as if I was in denial. That nothing was wrong.

And then I came across this article again… I remembered.

This article reminded me that timing is not the problem, it’s the person. I wanted to use timing to justify maintaining a relationship that had a high probability of being toxic for me.

I knew I learned from the past when I easily knew the answer was to walk away.  Toxic relationships aren’t worth it. Timing is a factor in order for great things to come together but it isn’t the reason to prolong a toxic relationship.


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